Sunday, September 19, 2010

Personal Notes: Official Minion

To all those that come to these pages, I offer you my notes; a small glimpse into the daily workings, within that which is Grymm Laboratories. I will say that these are my thoughts and my thoughts only. The good Doctor may be the master of this haven, but he is not master of my pen and ideas.

It is true that I am his Official Minion. I have known the good Doctor for many years. I know his father and knew his fathers, father; and his father before that. They all have and had The Gift of Grymm. But it is this Dr. Grymm. The young Master Grymm that I am certain will be the one to aide me. He has far better understandings of my condition and its related symptoms. I am certain he is the one. None the less, I present here, my perspective of the process by which the Great Vegas Project (GVP) has unfolded.

Personal Laboratory Log Date: 00:00:-567

On this day, Dr. and Mrs. Grymm are off to the Empire State that is Gotham Halo; I am left in the lab to begin the work on the GVP.

To organize and assemble the parts that are needed has been quite the adventure in and of itself. Few know of the true value that the collection of artifacts and obscure parts have. Our search has yielded objects once held and manipulated by the greatest Alchemist, Scientist and Philosophers of times gone by. I fear that we have inadvertently, disturbed the spirits of such great minds.

The Lab is unusually more eerie today than in the past months. I have explained to the Doctor on a number of occasions that I can sense the presence of others amongst the artifacts. But he dismisses my allegations and chalks them up to nothing more than “ruminations of an underfed digestive tract”.

I have asked the Doctor to assist me with my, shall we say, peculiar diet. The Doctor has yet to address the request that I have made of him. He seems hesitant, as if rejoicing in the power he has over me. I am convinced that he can find a solution to my affliction. I will again present my request and concerns, as I have done several times before. This time, he WILL listen!!

I have rambled on too long and must attend to my work. Further thoughts to come later…

Personal Laboratory Log Date: 00:00:-566

Although the GVP is in its infancy, these mechanisms and workings, that are the ingenuity of Grymm; already glow with energies that are far beyond what we have worked with before. These energies already rival and surpass those within the Philosopher's Stone acquired by Grymm Labs some years ago.

The Ecclectiscope base has been stripped down and years of celebratory energies from Weddings and Galas at the old Plaza Hotel, have been cast away in preparation for the Doctor’s Gift and talent. He will transform this piece into a wonderment that only a select few will have the opportunity to peer through and see, with sight beyond sight that which eludes them daily. It has taken much effort and many hours but it is now ready. I will contact the Doctor this day for a delivery date to his own personal lab.

The piece forged and molded for the Freemasons was one that the Doctor had to coerce from them. They knew not that the good Doctor knows how to deliver a bargain that cannot be turned down. Yet the piece is stubborn and does not give up its negative energies easily. This one will take some time.

I have rambled on too long and must attend to my work. Further thoughts to come later…